Monday, October 18, 2010

Totally Random...

I said I'd ask. So...

Did anyone reading this happen to lose a flash drive in Clayton Georgia?

Someone found one, and the only identifying clue was a link to Katherine's Mom's Blog.

The person has contacted us, and wants to return it to the rightful owner if possible. If he can't find the owner, he said he would shred the contents and use it himself.

I'm not really sure what a flash drive is.

But if you're missing one, please email Katherine and Jay at, and they will get you in touch with the Good Samaritan.

You never know. Sometimes strange things happen.


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Katie said...

Flash drive can also be called thumb drive, memory stick, USB drive, etc. Typically they fit on a keychain and work as a spot to save things while being mobile. I kept my senior thesis on one as a backup in case my laptop crashed and also so I could work on it on any computer on campus. That is really cool that someone found it and a way to possibly reconnect it to its owner! A good story for a Monday! =)