Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
‘Til it's gone…

(Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi, 1970)

Life is so ironic.

After a year’s (inexplicable) absence, I finally got the nudge to resume writing.

There was an intense Mother’s Day post in the works.

Sadly, I received an email last week stating that my Margery domain was in trouble because of a credit card change.  (We were among the thousands who were messed up because of the Target debacle at Christmas.)

I’ve spent over 8 hours today trying to renew Margery’s domain. I even went to the Apple store in tears.

They couldn’t fix it, either.

They did give me the super-secret insider Google phone number. Even that didn’t work.

Google is absolutely impossible to deal with. There are no (decent) words to express the extreme frustration I feel. But it looks like this may be the sad end of Margery, just as I planned a new beginning. (Unless they screw up.) Now I am in the process of saying goodbye.

After re-reading some old posts, the main emotion I feel is an intense sense of gratitude.

To those faithful readers who gave me grace when I didn’t deserve it: 

Thank you for listening. Thank you for caring. Thank you for wanting me to continue sharing my random observations. I appreciate you more than I can ever express... even when I didn’t respond to your comments.

I am embarrassed at some of the things I’ve shared, but realize that, in some ways, I didn’t share enough. Recently, I’d been hoping for another chance. I realize now (too late?)  that this platform has been a great privilege.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, after the deadline for renewal has passed (at midnight tonight.) I pray that the whole past Margery thing won’t be erased. (I’m woefully ignorant about the workings of these things.) Even if no one else got anything out of it, I learned a lot in articulating my thoughts.

If this is an end, I pray that there will be a new beginning.

One with “fresh fire.”

Thank you for your loving support of our family over the past 6+ years.  It means the world to us.

Love, Kim

(P.S. If I post again on a different site, I’ll ask Katherine to let you know.)

(Just in case this is my last post, this is Pirate Night on the Disney Cruise, Spring Break, 2014.