Thursday, July 29, 2010

Debbie Downer

I know that I’ve been a bit of a downer lately.

Some times are just like that. I’ll work my way back up to the surface again. In the meantime, I thought I could save time by spewing a whole bunch of negativity out into the blogosphere.

…so, here’s an incomplete list of


1.    1. Georgia in July.
2.   2. Little plastic shopping bags into which the checkout girl puts one item.
3.   3. Red lights that last for 5 minutes.
4.   4. T.V.’s you can’t turn on without a degree from M.I.T.
5.   5.  Reality shows, particularly the Kardashians and Tori and Dean.
6.   6. Highway patrolmen on the bypass.
7.   7. Politicians who leave long recordings on my answering machine.
8.   8.  Stinky diapers. (No, we’re not potty trained yet.)
9.   9. Carseats.
10  10. Brain injuries.

Now ya’ll make me feel better. Give me a list of things you don’t love.

It’ll be fun.

(Plus…misery does love company.)


“…But joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)

 “Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” (Psalm 90:14)


(p.s.  11. When Blogger messes up your numbered list for no apparent reason. And your font size.)


Anonymous said...

1. Steamy mornings when your sunglasses fog up the minute you open your front door, and your hair immediately droops.
2. The use of the word "hisself".
3. Planks (the worst exercise position ever).
4. Middle-age body changes.
5. Being called "Ma'am" by a 35 year old.
6. Always being expected to be the strong one to whom everyone feels free to vent.

Thanks, Kim, for being the one to whom I could mini-vent this hot, steamy morning. And, thank you for your blog. I have followed Katherine's miraculous progress since day one, have prayed many a prayer for you and your family, but have never posted. Your thoughtful, insightful, humorous, real, relevant, and Spirit-filled writings have made my day on many a day! So, on my long list of things I do love, I would have to include Margery Raves On and the Arnold/Wolf families.

Laurel said...

I see your "Georgia in July" and raise you one broken icemaker.

Freedom said...

1.Having to work EVERY moment of EVERY day at something only to have it not work (losing weight being my number one)
2. Every time I start an excercise program it ends up putting me in more pain than when I started.
3. The thought that I might never get out of pain
4. The thought that the one dream I have had since birth (that of marriage) may NEVER come true.
5. Struggling with issues that I should be way over by now.
there is more but I am getting depressed!!
And knowing that you are a debbie downer sometimes makes it more human for us. :) thank you for sharing your life with us!!

Cheri said...

Just a start. . .

1. that ice cream has calories
2. the need for wheelchairs
3. mean, sarcastic politicians
4. illegal drugs
5. oil in the gulf
6. skinks(large, gross lizards) and geckos and the vacancy sign they put out in my front yard for all their friends
7. turning on Christian TV and all they are talking about is politics
8. mayonnaise(unless it is an undetectable amount)
9. drunk drivers
10. dirt instead of grass

Like I said . . . a few.
Funny how the first thing I thought of was the ice cream having calories! Especially Blue Bell Moollennium

The Dodd Family said...

It's me, Cilker! Here we go:
1. when I yell at my kids
2. how my shirt is stuck to me from sweat every time I walk outside
3. the nasty bugs that eat my tomato plants
4. that none of my best friends live in the same state/country as me (except my husband!)
5. that my parents are divorced
6. changing out the fish's water
7. repetitive unpleasant sounds/noises (like TJ's toy hammer that makes noises every time he bangs it on something)
8. not talking to my best friend (Katty) on the phone :(
9. being so far from her pain, recovery and family
10. errand days in July in Florida with 2 kids

okay, now I have tears streaming (see #s 8 & 9). Can we do a 'things that make me happy!' list tomorrow?

ellenpaige said...

1. ALS
2. that my mom is dying of ALS and is suffering immensely
3. people who don't think before they speak
4. July in Georgia and probably August, too
5. not getting to the beach this summer
6. the light at the Oconee Connector
7. drivers who drive well under the speed limit in the passing lane because they're too busy talking on their cell phones to actually pay attention to their driving
8. people who are mean
9. people who neglect/mistreat animals
10. the mindset that everything wrong with public education is the fault of teachers

Gotta end this. I'm getting depressed.

Anonymous said...

2. Husbands who cheat.
3. Our enemy who works so hard to destroy our families.
4. Losing my house.
5. Seeing my kids in so much pain and knowing they can't/shouldn't understand what is going on.
6. Dishonesty
7. Having better intentions than follow through.
8. Brussel sprouts.

Wow. Talk about Debbie Downer. Sorry. Thank goodness I don't blog--what a train wreck. I'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

1.Cleaning bathtubs...UGH
3.Those recordings you get when you try to call Insurance companies etc. I want to call and talk to a real person.
4.People that come to the south and don't get that we talk to people here. We talk to people in the grocery store and the Mall.We are friendly! If you are going to live here then be NICE.
5.Really loud music and TV (Now I am showing my age)
6.Teenagers texting ALL the time. Does anybody actually talk anymore?
7.People that don't have manners. (I could go on and on about this one.)
I was feeling a little bit down today myself. Thank you for your words!

Anonymous said...

1. blowdrying my hair in the morning when the bathroom is still hot from the shower and i start getting all sweaty again
2. my blackberry when co-workers send emails at 6 am
3. my (what i percieve) worst habit; being an avoider
4. when i've just finished a really good book that i didnt want to end
5. being on a diet and eating lean cuisines for lunch!!
6. breaking a nail. yes, i hate that.
7. every kind of flying insect
8. romantic comedies. gag.
9. pithy facebook quotes
10. fear- another bad habit

etc etc etc...

LOVE the blog, LOVE you :)


amay said...

1. cancer
2. how much it costs to go to school
3. making minimum wage
4. being far from friends and community
5. aspca commercials
6. car accidents
7. chipped nail polish
8. scary movies
9. lies

Anonymous said...

just have to tell you that there are awesome God connections to the Kardashian family and Tori Spelling at BAPC. God pursues EVERYONE RELENTLESSLY!!