Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I Love

Katherine’s precious friend Catherine (comment #5 on previous post) has very wisely suggested that we counter yesterday’s little exercise with this one.

It is similar to playing The Glad Game, but more frivolous.

So, in random order, a partial list…

-Reading in bed
-Cecelia’s lemon cake
-Being on a boat
-Friends who love unconditionally
-Sleeping late
-Peanuts (My sister-in-law referred to me as a “Peanaholic” in college. Don’t take it the  wrong way.)
-My grandson’s kiss
-Movies that make me blubber
-When God is overt
-Night swimming in a murky lake
-A sense of timelessness
-Reconnecting with an old friend
-The ocean
-When my husband makes me laugh in spite of myself
-Seeing my kids happy
-New clothes
-Massage therapy
-When the right words come
-No schedule
-Key lime pie
-Writing an uninterrupted blog post
-Wasting time
-When there’s nothing left to want
-Good dreams
-James in a swimming pool
-The right music

-When the Holy Spirit lights.

Hmmmm…. Is there a theme here?

I sound kind of like Jimmy Buffet.

Maybe I just need to move to a desert island where they grow peanuts.

Now, you tell me what you love.


 P.S. Yesterday I forgot:

-Pumping my own gas.
-Gigantic cold grocery stores.

If anyone else would like to vent, the polls are still open at “Debbie Downer.” Sometimes it’s healthy to let it all out…whether humorously or seriously. Obviously, people did both. I appreciated everyone’s honesty.

But it would be a great idea to follow it up with a list on this post so that you don’t stay down.

P.S.S. In the “God Being Overt” category: Minutes after typing this, a friend called to say that she had been trying to do something for us for weeks, but one thing after another had gotten in the way. She wanted to drop something by, as she was leaving town today.

It was the Cecelia Lemon Cake, the second item on the list.

God is so good.

(So is the lemon cake… and my friend.)

P.S.S.S. Please pray for traveling mercies as we switch coasts this weekend. And continue to share your prayer needs with us by clicking on the praying lady on the right.


Learning to swim.


Laurel said...

Alone time.

Page 2 of a book you just started and have never read, when you realize that you are going to expire from the awesome contained within its pages.

The last .2 miles of a marathon.

Anonymous said...

-Mexican food
-family reunions - really
-football (WAR EAGLE!)
-the mountains
-lunch with my best friend
-a good mascara
-old hymns
-the oldies station
-air conditioner working - it's hot
-41 years of marriage
-my God-child
-small country churches
-the song: "In Christ Alone" -what truth!
-early mornings
-a good cry
-saying "I'm sorry" and REALLY meaning it
-the "Sound of Music" - loved the songs and scenery
-a grocery store that has
everything on my list
-the smell of grass after it's been cut
-March Madness (NCAA basketball tournament)
-Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
-a summer afternoon thunderstorm
-Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
-autumn leaves
-hearing the garage door go up, knowing my husband's home
-a fire going with the lights out

And I could go on and on...

Thanks so much for this.

Jane said...

Things I love::::

My husband of 25 years,

My children, even though they are teenagers;

my sister;

My golden retriever;

My new kitten (4 weeks and adorable);

the sanctuary of my church, when all is quiet;

My house and yard,

Cooking dinner,

Good wine,

Dinner with friends,

the Food Network;

fresh herbs;

Robert Frost;

beautiful pocketbooks (yes, I am shallow at times);

the sun at the beach;

the lake;


a good book in bed.

Shane and Laine said...

-fried chicken
-school supplies
-reading a great book
-unconditional love