Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Holding On In The Night

Last day at UCLA

“But hold on to what you believe in the light
When the darkness has robbed you of all your sight”
Mumford and Sons

Immediately following a life-or-death crisis, there is usually a period of grace.

After the initial shock and terror wear off, you are held up by prayers and adrenalin and action.

Eagle’s wings, and all that.

You receive supernatural signs and messages that everything is going to be okay. People come alongside you. You take heart. You desperately try to keep your eyes focused on All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Then, very slowly, you start to notice a little darkness creeping in from your peripheral vision.

Like a migraine, it spreads from small specks of night on the sides…like stars in reverse…until it grows into a blackout curtain that obliterates all light.

The more frantically you try to fight it, the more exhausted you become.

Sometimes you have to sit alone in the darkness for a while.

Maybe even cry yourself to sleep in it. Take a nap.

After that, you feel around for a match, and light a little candle.

And you hold on to that little light of yours with all of your might.

Because what is true in the day is still true in the night.


Julie Powell Caldwell said...


Anonymous said...

Even in the depths of darkness, He is there receiving every tear and sigh...

Beverly Varnado said...

Kim, I have held you in my heart and prayers since I heard about the accident. Oddly, I've been praying especially for you and your writing, because I believe you have an extraordinary gift. Sometimes, when the enemy launches on us, we need to especially embrace the gifts at the core of who we are. I just know that's what I have to do. You are a writer. I checked your blog for a post a while back, but of course there wasn't anything. So glad you're back here for our sakes . . . and yours. Love, love, love you. Bev

oby dupree said...

Beautifully said sweet mama💖💖💖

Anonymous said...

I've had no words other than those to carry you before the throne in prayer. My heart has been heavy for you as you find yourself in such a similar place yet again. Strength, courage, endurance, patience, clarity, discernment, peace are just some of the specific prayers I've prayed on your behalf. You are not alone in this. Love you much sweet friend!

Lori H.