Monday, April 1, 2013

Because He Lives...

Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love delivered the sermon at the Hollywood Bowl)


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT photo of father and son.

Keeping Miss Katherine's eye issues in my prayers. Oh, I am so very sorry, so, so sorry, but praying for more choices and options.


Anonymous said...

Keeping your daughter in my prayers over the weekend, and trusting she's keeping all the cupcake shops in the LA area in business. ;)


Kim said...

Thank you so much, Em, for your faithful love and support!

Today we got some (just) OK news about the eye.

Nobody's closing off that beautiful blue any time this month! Please keep praying that a more acceptable permanent solution may be found.

Love to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update. My evening walks are my prayer time. I will keep praying for Katherine, for a healthful and permanent solution, and for her to know peace (even though it's hard, so I don't mean feeling like it's no big deal) while she is waiting. I'm so sorry, but also in awe of her strength and honesty. Thank YOU for sharing your faith with your readers. Take care! Em