Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi there...

Now that I have access to the outside world again, I’ll tell you some of what’s been going on.

By around January 3, the second part of the Happiness post was almost finished. It just needed a conclusion and editing.

Then I was interrupted.


        1.)  I got what I thought was a cold
        2.) My laptop died.
        3.) A disk bulged out of my cervical spine onto a nerve, rendering me unable to use my right arm, and
        4.) It wasn’t a cold; it was La Grippe. The flu.

(Yes, I had a flu shot.)

It went on and on and on, and has left some souvenirs in its wake.

Finally, I was able to drag myself to the Apple store, and ended up buying a new laptop.

BUT… there were major glitches in the data transfer. (Sob. Shudder. Collapse.)

anyway, anyway, anyway. Such is life.

2013 isn’t starting out too hot. Not the way I’d planned.

As I type this, I’m sitting on the bed watching a curtain of steady rain pierce the surface of the lake into shifting patterns.  It’s yet another gross, depressing January day.

But I’m not completely down.

Tired, yes. A bit beaten-up. Weary of dealing with pain and complications.

Yet there is surprising beauty in the pixel-point mosaic of light and dark I witness out my window.

I am reminded:

“…there is no such thing as pleasure without pain.”*

Our lives are moving patterns of light and dark.

But God is in the dark.

And He is the Light.

May we see Him in it all.


(* Happy.)

I don’t have time to be writing this!  My husband will kill me. We’re supposed to be leaving in a couple of hours to fly to Colorado for the Seasons conference.

But stay tuned. The difficulties in getting part 2 of Happy published make me suspect that somebody really needs to hear it, and somebody else doesn’t want that to happen. Like, maybe the Lord ofthe Flies? Hmmm. Hopefully, I can get it out this weekend. I am stubborn.

Friends, please pray over the Seasons conference and for traveling mercies. There have been a lot of complications there, as well. As we speak, my grandson is flying for the first time without a family member. (He’s with a friend of his mom’s.) Still…

Blessings, love, and mercy to you all,



So happy about the conference and looking forward to hearing all about it. Glad you'll be leading the discussion of War and Peace. We are friends so if I don't remember which Russion did what you can cover for me:):)

Kim said...


Just landed in CO. Whew.

Xoxo, kim

Anonymous said...

May God in his limitless mercy watch over the conference, and your family. Those photos are so pretty! Take good care.


Anonymous said...

So Happy your back.. and so Happy for Katherine's and Jay's new Season.. of Seasons.. and of course their adventure in 2013 with sharing their story by film.. Happy ... Happy .. Happy!~ Cheryl Doerr