Friday, July 8, 2011

Mountaintop Memories

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!

We got our favorite little guy (by way of Montgomery… he’s making the Grandparent Rounds), and headed for the hills.

We met up with some of my husband’s family at their old (1920’s) mountain house in a beautiful area of South Carolina. Lots of belly laughs, hikes around the mountain, swimming, and devouring delicious fresh veggies we bought at the Curb Market in Hendersonville. (Okay, there were some nasty-good pork ribs in there, too.) But there is absolutely nothing on earth like a Southern-grown, vine-ripe blood-red tomato, lightly salted.

Many memories live in the walls of that old mountain house. Several generations of Arnolds spent summers there, fleeing the oppressive heat of July in South Florida. Lifelong friendships were made within the little community of interesting characters. There were put-together suppers and square dances at the Lodge. Progressive cocktail parties around the mountain. Hikes to gorgeous waterfalls hidden deep in the verdant woods, paths banked by gargantuan pink rhododendron and mountain laurel. Outdoor church services at a chapel known as “Pretty Place.”

I was first introduced to the magic of “Caesar’s Head” while still in college. Later, our children bonded with distant cousins there, performing original plays for their parents and friends at the Lodge… swimming in the frigid pool… catching fireflies with the neighborhood kids at dusk.

Faded pictures line the walls of the upstairs hall, punched into the wood planks by thumbtacks: a life-sized scrapbook. There are relatives long gone to Glory. My husband and his siblings in the 60’s. My glamorous in-laws in their prime. My girls and I in the 8o’s, all in pink jeans. (Mine were even flowered.)

I tried to take a picture of a picture on my cellphone to send the girls, but ATT doesn’t quite reach the mountaintop. No TV and no internet, either. Simplicity.

We hadn’t been up to the mountain house in years. It is shocking to contemplate how much has changed in my life since the last time I was there.

And yet so much remains the same.

My sister-in-law still makes me wet my pants laughing... just as she did in college.

And I am teaching James to catch fireflies.


(Picture of a picture of James' mom and auntie in the old claw-foot tub.)
(James in the same tub, 25 years later.)


Most of you have gotten the news about Katherine's new website, but just in case anyone missed it, please click on the anchor:

Katherine will be having her next eye surgery at 11:00 Pacific Time today. Please join us in praying for a successful outcome.

As always, thank you so much for your support!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

We will be prayng!!!
Carol & Jerry Meredith

Callie said...

praying for katherine's surgery! on a similar note, if you could please pray for my younger brother. he was in a car accident a few weeks back (he was the same age that I was when my car accident happened...what are the odds??). the bone below his eye was broken and he had surgery a few weeks ago because the muscle had gotten caught in the fracture. unfortunately, his eye still has not recovered as they were hoping/expecting it to. he's had severe double vision and has had to wear an eye patch since the accident (May 20). we are looking at more surgeries and there is the chance that his eye might not fully recover. i know you guys have experience with praying for the eyes. so please pray for him!

(also pray as he is determined to still play soccer...he is quite talented and is finding a new challenge in playing without the use of his left eye!!)

Peggy Dabbs said...

Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful memories!

What a wonderful place to go to rest and enjoy family.

I have visited Katherine's new blog, and I am praying for a good outcome from the surgery!