Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fire flies.

(robin street myers)

I am getting old now.

Each day,

the flesh gives way

to forces pulling down:

an elemental movement

toward the ground

from which I sprang.

But still,


 a skinny girl, long-browned  with days too spent in sun,



She still sneaks out

sometimes at night--

and in the stillness, dark,

waits quiet

for the magic of the lights.

A breath held tight.

An endless void, it seems.

Then, from the hot dense silence,

glory screams.

A yellow beam

of joy

comes flying from the right:

and blackest night turns




she runs,

that girl who once

and still is me.

Quick captures light,

holds close,

then sets it free.

I am getting old now.

But still

I chase the fiery light

that dances

through the gloom

of blindest night.



(Another 'significant' birthday, another semi-maudlin poem.  Thanks for putting up with me. I know it's not always easy.)

And, by the way, I love my family and my dear friends. I don't deserve you at all!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Isn't it strange how in our minds we feel no different than when we were teenagers. I would like to ask for your prayers for our precious niece. She is in Thailand for 8 weeks with the IMB. I continue to pray for you and your family.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday =)

Reminds me of Faith Hill's song by the same name ("Fireflies") http://www.lyricstime.com/faith-hill-fireflies-lyrics.html

Dee Starr said...

Beautiful poem--I think worthy of publishing. You certainly have a talent for writing. Thank you for your observations and insight that brighten my days.

Dee Starr

The Mom said...

Thank you for your wonderful email reply. I drew such encouragement from your words. May you have a blessed and joyous birthday. May you feel the breath of heaven on your face. I love the poetry and marvel at your ability; I did not find it maudlin or overly sentimental at all...I found it delightful. Keep writing...poetry or recipes or whatever strikes your fancy...you are striking a chord with us, your readers. May God bless you real good today!(with apologies for the grammar, but you get my drift!)