Friday, May 20, 2011

Regretfully, I have made the decision to delete the last post, along with all of the comments.

A few of the comments were painful and upsetting to people I care about. 

I cannot afford to allow negativity to impede the healing process. 

I apologize to those of you who have supported, encouraged, and loved my family through some extremely difficult times. I appreciate you (and your prayers) more than I can express.

I'll be re-evaluating things over the weekend. If you feel called to do so, I would appreciate intercession for wisdom, guidance, and protection.

God bless you all.



Anonymous said...

I read the post earlier and had been praying about a response. Know that you remain in my prayers! I continue to appreciate your vulnerability in sharing the places in your life that you use to illustrate life lessons for us all. You are a Godly mother and grandmother and friend! You are a blessing to us all and I continue to thank God for you!! I continue also to pray for each reader that they will experience and see God's love through your life!!

Love, hugs and prayers!

Unknown said...

I also read the post but just admired all that goes on in your life, and appreciate that you are willing to share the process. Your blog is a blessing to me. I can't tell you the times that it has hit right on point. Please remember not to let the negative land on you and continue to let the positive out weigh the other.

emily said...

i read your post through google reader, and so i didn't see the comments that were left.. i did however mean to come and comment because it was one of the most beautiful illustrations of God's grace. even though we have very different lives, challenges, etc - God always speaks to me through your posts in a way only He can.. you are a beautiful vessel of His hope and love.. thank you for being you, and sharing your life with us..
it's a risk.. to put your thoughts, heart, and words out there. it's a risk to let people comment on those things.. it's a risk to keep going once you've been burned by remarks.. it's all a risk, and i see that and fully respect whatever you decide to do.. i will say this though, God is doing something through your writing.. Your daughter's journey and your own journey- both are having an impact far greater than we will ever know on this side of Heaven.. i am sure at points you wonder why even bother, but as a 20 something who has read your blog since you began, you have blessed me in more ways that i can explain, and i am so grateful you do bother, and hope you continue to do so. i will pray for whatever was spoken, that god would unravel it and that it wouldn't lay ground on your heart.. i will also pray for your protection and your families and wisdom as you decide what direction to go in next.. just wanted you to know that whatever you decide, this is a ministry and God has been using you in profound ways - just by being you, and sharing your thoughts and outlook, and the things He is teaching you. you have a platform, and i believe whether it be through this blog, or some other type of writing, he will continue to use you to bring hope and perspective, and truth in a unique and beautiful way.

Tom said...

I also read your post but none of the comments and may I say what a blessing you've been to me. Your recent post along with all your post, ALWAYS leave me feeling very blessed to have shared in what God is doing in yours and Katherine's lives. I am close to your age and also have 3 children. About a month ago our middle child started suffering from severe headaches after he fell. My husband is a physician and so he ordered at CT scan. This was on a Friday and it showed he had a type of cyst in the middle of the brain that people often die from. Needless to say many tears and prayers were going on that weekend before we could get the MRI done on Monday for a better look. My comfort was going back and reading every single one of your post, from Katherine's Mom's Blog to the most current of Margery Raves. You were my friend who has suffered so much and still shows how God sees us through. I've been a Christian basically my whole life but I still had to pray with all my heart for that faith that He would see us through. Thank you for opening your heart to us. I can't even express how much your post means to me and I thank you so much for them. Don't let others negativity stop you. I look forward to each and every word from you. I love hearing about your children and James. I have a 14 month old grandson, and I see the things that are coming through your experiences with James. Oh what fun aren't they. And Nana is so tired when he goes home.
The MRI showed he was born with this type of abnormality and it was not a cyst. No surgery only at trip to a neurologist for the headaches. Praise God!
God Bless you and your precious Family!

cheryl Doerr said...

Kim, so sorry that you were hurt and stung by human nature. That being sometimes clueless, thoughtless, prideful people who speak before they think . I didn't see the comments, but read the post and even shared it on my FB for all your Fans.. of which their of Hundreds? maybe thousands??? I will pray that you can move beyond this and also reflect how many times Jesus was misjudged,accused wrongly, and suffered the ultimate pain and humility. Thank you for your vulnerability and love for all of us who read your wonderful words.

Emily Ferris said...

I will continue to pray for you and your family!! I read the post on google reader {so didn't see the comments} but I found it chalk full of lovely, profound thoughts ... as I do all your posts. You, Katherine, and your entire family are touching more people that you will ever know. I know it must not be easy to continue to put yourselves out there, but as someone who has a personal history with Katherine and has followed your journey from the beginning, your blog has meant more to me than I can ever say. Thank you for your vulnerability. I will be praying for you.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Kim ~~ my thoughts in life go like this....Pause/Think/Reflect/Pray before you do anything -- including type. I read your last post (I have read since the beginning) & didn't see the comments you are referring to, but it is painfully obvious that people do not care to follow those 4 simple ideas before they do whatever it is that they choose to do in regards to others. Please know that I am continually blessed by your blog, I admire you for putting it all out there, and pray for your family daily. Just keep doing what you are doing, and know that there are more of us than there are of them :-)

Phil Mullins said...
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Abby said...

I read your post and really felt like it was nothing but truth. I absolutely hate that there are people out there that would hurt you or your family. You and your sweet daughter are such an encouragement to me. Please know that you are all very loved.


Peggy Dabbs said...

I saw nothing wrong with the earlier post. I admire and love you for all that you share with us. What a blessing you are to us all.

Love and prayers!

Lisa W. said...

Huh? I am sitting here trying to figure out what someone could be negative about regarding the last post. Did they read the same one I did? Maybe I am thinking of a different post, but I doubt it.
Rave on Margery!!

Stacy said...


Please do not stop writing. I have memorized more Scripture becasue of the Holy Spirit's prompting when I read your posts.

Thank you for being a blank page upon which God writes a love letter..... :-)

Anonymous said...

I also never saw the comments and frankly, I'm bewildered that anyone would post something negative? huh? about what? I'm praying that whoever did so will promptly apologize because i know you all have the strength (through Jesus) to forgive.
Please DONT QUIT RAVING! Due to technical difficulties I havent been able to comment but I always read your posts and get excited when you have a new one. I always remember what you said at bel air when we had the first big prayer service for Katherine after her stroke and you had started the blog - you said after years of planning to write, you finally were. So you better not quit! Love, Michelle

Trish said...

Don't quit! You are a blessing and I, like so many others, look to your writings as a way to express our own feelings. I feel that blogs are meant to say it like it is. I did not read the comments so I don't know what the content was. But know that the blessings you bring outweigh any ugliness of others. Praying for you!

VirginiaA said...

Your blog is the highlight of my day!!My daughter and I will message one word:"Margery" and that means Km has written and be sure to read pronto!!!! We do the same with Katherine's blog....

Frequently, after reading,one of us will text the other, "I love Margery" and the other responds "I know"!

I even print out some of your blogs for my elderly Aunt who lives in rural Southern Alabama, has NO access to a computer and wouldn't know what to do with it if she did! She never misses First Baptist church service on TV and she loves "Jay". She constantly says "Well, Jay said this or Jay said that" She, as best she can, has kept up with all you all have been through and has prayed for you.

Point is, we keep up with you-we care about you and we appreciate you for helping us all.You are SO normal and we relate. You have an incredible gift; I know God approves of what you are doing-and HE really is the boss so PLEASE,....RAVE ON!

Love you