Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dreams of a White Christmas


The Grinch got with the program and rallied, more or less.

She did those things that were joyful. She let go of a lot that was not. She floated through some Stuff.

She ended up doing three (four, if you count the baby one) trees.

She cooked a little. Wrapped a lot.

But only dragged out (drug out?) half the stuff.

It all turned out in the end, as it usually does.

Okay. Enough of the third person.

If you’re normal, you should be a little tired today. If you’re like me, you’re exhausted.

So I did what I do after every major holiday or coast change:

Stayed in bed for a good portion of the day.

Absolutely delightful.

The wrap is still on the family room floor. The kitchen will be a 3-day clean-up.

So what?

I don’t have a problem with it. I’m just darn glad that Santa showed up and sanity showed up… for the most part.

And there really, really was lots of joy sprinkled in, as cliché as it sounds.


Though bittersweet.

It was joyful for me to watch my grandson experience snow for the first time. He was kind of like Bambi.

But it was heartbreaking for me to see how devastated his mother was that she couldn’t play in it with him.

The ill-concealed tears.

I was stealing my precious first baby’s candy again.



Actually, there are no words. The only ones I can think of are not nice.

There are some things that are just unspeakably bad.

But there were also some extraordinary, unexpected blessings.

I am reflecting on them from my perch in our embarrassingly squeaky, very, very old bed. (Circa 1780’s. Virginia Tobacco Leaf design. Husband hates it.)

I got a text from one of my best friends while ensconced there early this morning:

She wrote:

“What a wonderful gift from above… a white Christmas… my all-time favorite childhood wish!”

Every Southern child’s secret wish.*  (But something Santa never could seem to deliver.)

*I don’t know why. I only know that it was something fervently prayed for over the years, with no realistic chance of fulfillment.

It just doesn’t snow very much in the South.

It is something that is greatly idealized here. We all want a Dickens’ Christmas, don’t we? Where everything turns out all right in the end? Where Man’s Better Nature rises to the surface, and there is finally Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Man? (Spiked) punch and a yule log? Perhaps even a jig or two.

It always snows in a Dickens’ Christmas.

Never in a Georgia one.

At least not in the past 118 years.

But it did last night.

It was magical.

I don’t care how hardened and callous you are.

It was gorgeous. Inexplicable. Unexpected.

(The Weather Man has NEVER been right about this before now. So many broken promises.)


They were some truly holy moments.

When All was Still.

And all was quiet.


And there were no words.


While I was lying around in bed today, I did a nerdy family holiday slide show.

If you are bored... and kind... feel free to watch.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

(p.s. Any 'artistic' photos might have been taken by my son-in-law Jay. :))


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the snow the most amazing and wonderful Christmas blessing?! Where we live, our last Christmas snow was in 1963. So much fun and so many beautiful Christmas pictures. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your precious family.

Peggy Dabbs said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
No snow here in Texas.


The Mom said...

Loved the slideshow! No wonder you get "Grinchy"...with that many trees to put up, who wouldn't. I can just get the ONE tree decorated before I collapse. And I am just now beginning to unload my fourth load from the dishwasher which should have been done yesterday, but The Husband and I left everything and went to two movies yesterday...that was my idea of relaxation.
And finally, sweet sister that I do not know, yet know so not think that you are stealing Catherine's candy...both of you must continue to grieve as the Lord allows...but remember, He and He alone brings beauty from ashes (and I already see so much of that) and He and He alone can restore what the locust have eaten. But I see another way of "seeing"...
I, for one, am thankful that James has the extra Mommy arms to love him and play with him. Just tell him that your arms are also his Mommy's arms...they feel just the same...and in God's economy and blessing...they are Catherine's arms lovingly enfolding James...I am believing it!

Laurel said...

What great pictures! I am so jealous. It snowed in Prattville, but no winter love in Montgomery. Everywhere I have lived in the US had snow. Kentucky, Augusta, Atlanta, Toccoa, but not Montgomery. We did get flurries yesterday but that was it.

And you're not stealing Katherine's sugar. You're keeping it sweet for her :) James is a lucky kid to have such strong ties with his entire family. I think looking back you all might consider that the biggest blessing to come from a time of trial.

Mary Walsh said...

These pictures are beautiful! Interestingly enough, even though we live maybe two miles from you, we did not get nearly as much snow!

Courtney said...

Hey Kim,

I'm a friend of a friend of your daughter's. I've only been reading your blog for less than a month, and you inspire me so much. Your words are unfiltered (my favorite kind) and uplifting. You have a gift. Thank you.


lisa said...

Gorgeous! Looks like there was lots of joy sprinkled in.
Happy New Year to you all.

Brionne said...

Didn't think your slide show was "nerdy" at all! Loved it!
--Brionne Antwine (daughter of Janice Himmelsbach)

tatiana said...

Loved your "White Christmas"! Happy New Year! :)