Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Friends,

 So sorry for the let-down. Evidently, Katherine's story was bumped by breaking news. Such is the nature of live TV.

The piece has already been posted on cnn.com and hopefully will air at other times this week. A friend of my sister's who works at CNN thinks it may be on at 10 EST this morning.

The piece emphasized the hard work involved in recovery from a brain bleed of this type. 

Since I'm usually pretty honest here, I must confess some disappointment that the faith aspect was mostly edited out.

Oh well. Katherine's story cannot be understood outside of that context. I pray that her message of hope and faith will shine through anyway.

We appreciate your faithfulness more than we can express.


Kim said...

THanks for posting this interview! I agree that "the human factor" can't understand the message fully without hope in God. Where else do we hope? I pray that the Holy Spirit will work through her words regardless - causing curiosity and questions. Thankfully her website was included - and people can see the words of hope in Christ posted there.

Have a blessed Christmas,

Laurel said...

Yay! We were up for a large chunk of the night watching the eclipse and slept through it!

And really, did anyone doubt that CNN would do their best to downgrade the faith aspect? Clicks on Katherine's site will go up, though, as people Google her story, and God's hand will be given more attention. You can't hide Him, He's too big.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Katherine despite the secular editing she is such a beacon of hope. Anyone watching has to see that. I had the priviledge of meeting her in Montgomery, AL at St. James UMC a few weeks ago. What a joy she is!She and your family have been such a blessing to me.

Anonymous said...

I know that's quite a let down to not have her faith message in there. But wow, what a positive marriage message! And people will click on her website and learn more. No one can quench the Spirt. Everyone who is meant to hear the full story will.

I wrote and produced for a major news network for a few years. I routinely saw people of faith with tragic stories who wanted to witness for Jesus and did so quite eloquently. Yet all the good "God-stuff" was edited out. Katherine is in good company. Love, Michelle

Erika said...

her message of hope and faith DOES shine through in it. she is such an inspiration!

Anne Henderson said...

God has used Katherine in such a mighty way and this will be yet another way that her message will continue to spread - with her name and link to her blog those that need to see and hear will be led. We serve a mighty and faithful God!

Maria said...

I was at the gym and suddenly I looked up and saw Katherine's interview! I just about fell off the treadmill I was so excited. What a blessing to share her story during this time of year. And I hadn't seen many videos of Katherine, but her walking looked really strong. The whole family looked adorable, and the house is too cute, I should add.
While there may not have been a focus on the part faith and God played in all of this, I don't think anyone could hear about her recovery or the love between Katherine and her husband and not recognize that this story is about so much more than just science.

Also, ignore any comments on CNN. I try my hardest to ignore them. It can be too disheartening.