Monday, November 22, 2010


Jesus was not harsh with many people.

But it is interesting to note with whom he was harsh.

It was not the whores.

It was not the town drunks.

It was not the homosexuals.

It was not the unjust rulers.

It was not the insane or the possessed.

It was not even the white-collar criminals.

The only people to whom Jesus ever spoke really harshly

were the religious ones.

The self-righteous ones.

The judgmental ones.

The ones who thought they were better.

That’s really something to think about.


 (Matthew 27)


Allison said...

wow. really needed to read this.

Laurel said...

Happy Dance! And so true! I was thinking about this just today. Considering a blog about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and which characters in that story would have held up to scrutiny. Not the righteous, for sure.

In full disclosure, I don't think that gives the informed among us a free pass. I DO think it should remind us that we have no idea what struggles take place in the heart of another. Sometimes the people closest to God are the ones who seem the most lost, because they are ready to let go and give it to God.

As for me and mine, we are content that it is not our place to judge. That job is way above my pay grade. We'll settle for humble ministry in whatever form it's needed.

The Mom said...

I am with you. If he were to walk among us, I am convinced that he would be sleeping among the homeless, talking to the prostitutes, inviting the folks who enter the adult bookstores to dine with him, and continually engaging and loving well those very individuals whom most of us would label the dregs of society. This vision of the gospel brings me up short every time. I fear that I could easily become that "whited sepulcher" Jesus decried at every turn...were it not for His altogether amazing Grace.

Patty Hatch said...

That's a thought that helps us give some grace to ourselves and others. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

you said it all. preach it sister.