Monday, May 31, 2010

Smooth As...

So we’re off to a rousing start.

The launching of “Margery” was as smooth as the skin on a baby’s bottom.

No hitches. No glitches. No internet witches.


At one point last week, I had a mental image of John Belushi trying to muster the troops for one last bit of deviltry before shutting down the Animal House. “Who’s with me????”  I cry, taking the long-awaited leap of faith.

…asking you to leap with me.

(Knowing we could all end up in a pit together.)

Expecting a roomful of perplexed silence or indifference.

But hoping somebody will get it.

Evidently some didn’t.

I received this text message from a family member:

“New blog!  What what?? Totally over my head.”

 With exquisite maternal forbearance, I reply something to the effect of: “Duuuhhh. Glad we paid for 19 years of education.”

Then I realize that maybe she’s right.

Maybe this whole thing is too obscure; the connection too strained and nebulous.

Another relative laughs, “Who the heck is Margery?” 

“Did you read “Who is Margery?” I query.

“It was too long.”

I sigh. Loudly.

But before long, I begin to see a few positive comments. Some old friends take the leap to become new friends.

I am encouraged.

The fact that it was almost impossible to get Margery going is most likely affirmation that I’m supposed to do it. I’ve learned to be ornery that way. If there are many obstacles beforehand, there will usually be much fruitfulness afterwards.* (* Spiritual Principle thrown in for free!)

Last week was an awful week to take the leap.

Actually, Margery has been almost ready to go for many weeks. But one thing after another made me procrastinate. Trying to attain some level of perfection. Ironing out the wrinkles.

Hoping the schedule would get less busy so I could concentrate.

I realized that day would never come.

(I will tell you about the day of Margery’s birth next time. I tried to fit it in here, but it’s too long. Don’t want to be accused of being long-winded, do I?  Don’t want to give anyone a reason to quote: “Mama’s talkin’ and she can’t shut up!!”)

Anyway, ready or not, Margery has made her imperfect debut onto the internet. Like her author, she’s still a work in progress. Hopefully over the next months we’ll get the “Coming Soon!” commitments met, figure out font issues, straighten out the kinks. If not, I hope you’ll give her a chance anyway.

If anyone’s still as confused as my some of my family members appear to be, or as technologically challenged as I am, I will try to simplify*:

(*i.e., I will write as if to one of my old friends who may have gotten her first laptop in the last couple of weeks and/or to one of my offspring.)

Okay, so, if you have the time, take the little mousie thing (or make your finger take the arrow) up to the top and click on “Who is Margery?”  Read. Then take the mouse/arrow to “Who Am I?”  Click and read.  Notice any similarities? 

Now read “Why?”

Does that help anybody? I’m not trying to be too high-brow or esoteric. I’ve been advised to “keep it simple.” That is what I hope to do… at least some of the time. To take complex ideas and make them simple and accessible. If I fail to do that on a given day, come back. Even if that’s not what you’re interested in, come back anyway. Tomorrow might be the day we discuss ingrown toenails. Or I give you my prize-winning meatloaf recipe. Or tell you the best cheap makeup. You never know.

Bottom line: if you were blessed in any way by either of the other two blogs, I think (hope) you will be by this as well. Don’t let the historical context scare you off. I promise you won’t get a Medieval History lecture every time you visit. (If ever.) It will be mostly the same kind of autobiographical stuff, but with a wider range. If you hate it one day, come back the next (or in 3 or 4) because it will be something different. I am giving myself permission to branch out.

Yesterday I attempted to organize all of my documents. I discovered 43 unfinished posts from the other two blogs.

Evidently there is still quite a bit to be said.

I thank those of you who are still willing to listen.


Another note for people like me: Once you click on a page ("Who?" "Why?" etc. ) on the bar on the top, just click again anywhere on the page to get back to the Home Page. (There is no "Home" tab.)


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I love the new Margery blog. I followed. I followed to In the Meantime. I was hooked at Katherines' Moms'Blog.
And I will keep going to learn more.
You know, the whole "If you build it they will come" thing!

Wonderful day to you, Kim!

xo, misha

p.s. Lady Gaga hmmmm!

The Retarded Mother said...

I'm totally in.
Write on, dear and wonderful and brilliant woman!
I am just so jealous that you are so much smarter than I will ever be. I'll get over that.
I am so happy that you have listened to the call. It makes me smile.
I have found a comfy chair. Now I am ready to read and learn. I am open to all you have to share.
Hooray. Bring it! Marianne

natalieohill said...

I am so excited about Margery!We have been waiting a while for her and we are grateful the day has come! ;) All of your blogs have been such a blessing to us, so I am just happy that you are continuing on. I always look forward to the end of the night-the baby is sleeping, the homework is done (at least for the night),apartment is picked up (somewhat)and I sit down with my laptop and fun snack to read for fun, learn things I will remember for life, and just be.

Thank you for being brave and taking this leap! It is a gift!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love the new blog!! There is something about Margery that resonates deep within. I look forward to what is yet to be!!

Continued blessings to you!!

donna said...

oh, yes, i too am anxious to follow this new blog. i've had on my heart for many years that the older women ARE to teach/mentor the younger but have rarely found a forum for this. Praise Him that you now have yours. thank you so very much for the time, energy and insight you share with us (and, by the way, i'm not one of the younger followers!!) donna

Laurel said...

I wasn't confused. I presumed "In The Meantime" to indicate a transition from one thing to another :)

I also believe that while our children are the most important responsibilities we have, cherished and central to our identities, we are not defined by that alone. I was a person for 35 years before I became anyone's mother. I did not stop being that person when I became a mother. I became a person with more layers.

The older sediment is still there and likes to surface from time to time to show off the fossils and diamonds that have now had time to form.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...



Go for it!

(I especially like your sense of humor.)

And your honesty.

I'm looking forward to whatever you have to share.

Just grateful you are.

Diane P.

amay said...

I totally get it. I love finding those in history that i can relate to. It encourages me to keep going. I love everything you write and i will follow you all over the internet if i need to :) grace and peace!

becky weber said...

Love Modern Day Margery! I can certainly relate to her as well, bawdy and flawed but loving the Lord with all her heart - thanks for introducing her to us! I am sure I am one among many of your fellow students from the "School of Productive Suffering" (love that too!) who will look forward to following wherever Margery leads us. Write on! Becky

McCance said...

Kim, the more I know you irl and through your blogging the more you rock! How I wish I could come to CA to help you for a day. Or a week. But then my 3-ring circus + James might just put you over the edge. :-)

Margret said...

I'm following too, and I can relate. Going through my own transition of sorts. Imagine, growing pains at my age!! Sharing the journey is awesome, so thanks for letting me come along. Sending love!

Demorah Hayes said...

Just caught up on your new blog, and I love it! I studied medieval lit, so I know Margery (and Julian) and am glad you're weaving her into your writing! Just don't start the Wife of Bath's blog ; )

Demorah Hayes
Montgomery, AL (FBC)